About Lomax Mobile Car Valeting & Detailing

Lomax valeting offers a convenient car washing service whereby we come to you on site with a fully mobile car valeting vehicle. We're a car valeting shop on wheels, fully equipped with onboard power and water.

All cars are cleaned with pure water and with specialist car valeting equipment, including micro fibre wash mitts and grit-guard buckets, which ensure that what comes off your car does not go back onto your paintwork.

Ian Lomax

Lomax Mobile Car Valeting & Detailing was established in Spalding in 2000 after Bourne based owner Ian Lomax receiving extensive professional training from Autoglym™, the world's leading supplier of award-winning car valeting and detailing products and professional training.

He has been awarded an A grade in wash bay techniques, engine bay restoration, interior cleaning techniques, paintwork renovation, detailing, and he has expert product knowledge.

Lomax Valeting's goal is to provide such a great service you will recommend us to your friends and family.

Ian has many satisfied and loyal clients who appreciate the quality of his work. He travels to perform car cleaning and detailing across the Lincolnshire area covering Spalding, Bourne, Stamford and the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire areas.

Ian works at clients' workplaces, their homes, garage forecourts and company premises; anywhere that is convenient for you, 7 days a week. So if you don't have time to lavish on your car the sort of care that it deserves, and you wish to avoid the damage that neglect and poor quality car washing can do to your car, then contact us to make a booking.

We don't clean cars - we have washed and detailed all types of vehicles. Motorbikes, lorries, vans and minibuses, caravans, campervans and more - he has even been known to valet cranes!

Lomax Valeting In The News

From The Daily Star, August 2015

Car : BMW 330CI E46
Service : Entry Level Car Detail
Location : Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Lomax Car Valeting & Detailing has had a special job - detailing a BMW for The Daily Star's Mark Forsyth to appear in the national press. To prepare the car for sale it was given the Entry Level Detail, this is an comprehensive car valeting service which also includes a single stage machine polish to repair light damage and a glazed and waxed finish to ensure that the car looks its best.

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The Car Detailing Process :

To prepare it for an intensive wash the car was snow foamed including the wheels and wheel arches. A degreaser was applied and the car was rinsed down with purified water and fully washed with professional pH balanced car shampoo using specialist grit guard buckets (this included the engine bay and door shuts) .

Grit guard buckets are essential for stopping dirt or grit being put back onto car paintwork - this is a common problem with cheap car valeting and it results in light scratches and dulled paintwork which can only be repaired by machine polishing.

Using purified water the car was rinsed down again and hand dried with a plush microfibre towel. Bonded contaminants were removed from the car paintwork with a clay bar.

After this preparation a single stage machine polishing was performed. This highly skilled process restores car paintwork by removing light scratches, swirl marks and other signs of general wear and tear or damage.

A glaze was applied to help conceal any defects which the machine polishing was unable to remove, and also to enhance the finish. Finally the car paintwork was further enhanced and protected with a layer of Autoglym™ HD wax.

Once the exterior was finished the entire car interior was vacuumed, including the boot and spare wheel bay. Plastics and interior fittings were all cleaned with a specialist disinfecting clearner.

A specialist hot carpet extractor was used to deep clean the carpets and mats, and the leather was treated and protected with a leather balm. To finish, the glass was cleaned and an air freshener was added.

Preparing your car for sale with professional detailing is an excellent way to ensure you get a good price and sell it fast - we're told that this BMW sold within 5 minutes of being made available online!

Thanks to Mark Forsyth of The Daily Star for the article and photographs.

This entry Level Car Detailing Included all these steps :


  • Car snow foamed
  • Wash wheels and wheel arches
  • Spray arches, paintwork and door shuts with a citrus degreaser to loosen dirt and grime
  • Rinse down and wash with pH shampoo using grit guard buckets
  • Rinse down and dry with a plush microfibre towel
  • Clay bar paintwork to remove bonded contaminants
  • A single stage machine polish
  • Glaze paintwork to mask minor defects and to enhance the shine
  • Finish with Autoglym HD wax


  • For interior cleaning a specialist disinfecting cleaner is used, eliminating up to 99.99% of germs
  • Vacuum entire interior, including boot, foot wells and spare wheel bay at rear
  • Clean and protect all plastics, foot pedals, seat belts and headlinings
  • Shampoo upholstery, carpets and mats - this is performed with a specialist hot carpet extractor for intensive deep cleaning
  • Clean all leather with a mosturising leather balm to leave it soft and supple and with a natural finish
  • Clean glass
  • Air freshener included

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A Lasting Finish

For all car valeting & detailing work we use professional paintwork treatments which actively repel water and resist dirt and contaminants.

This offers lasting protection from the wear and damage of daily use, keeping car paintwork in optimal condition for longer than with the conventional techniques offered by cheap drive in car washes or which may be achieved by domestic car cleaning products.

Our mobile car valeting and detailing vehicle can visit you at your convenience and choice of location within a 20 mile radius of Bourne, Lincolnshire, covering the Spalding, Stamford, Market Deeping and the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire areas.

To make bookings or for more details see the contact page or call :

07960 665 118

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